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pictures of new projekt

OK, now I can insert the pictures.

drawing the pattern

making lots of holes

Another goldworks projekt

The first weekend in june I'm going to Haderslev to Hertug Hans Festival. And I'm going to emake goldworks. Finally I've desided to make this pattern: http://scrap.oldbookillustrations.com/post/347067676/hunting-hood . So fare I have transfured the Pattern to paper, made all the holes. Next I have to prepare my red velvet, and get it in my slate frame.

no picturs now because of an error!

goldworks - Done!

Today I made the final stitches on my goldworks flower. Already wanting to start a new embroidery.

Now I have to make a decision on what to make...


I have startet to learn making goldworks. Found a course over 3 mondays in Copenhagen. First 2 times are done and I'm now In the procees of sewing goldthreads on.


So it is going to be a cristinette. I just finished det headband. Here are some picturs;

Apr. 12th, 2012

Monday I'm off to Copenhagen to learn to make Goldworks. So yesterday I starten on a Needlebook. It will mach  my Eleanor de Toledo dress.
Now It is done and here are pictures incl, the dress.

more head gear

And then there was 2...

Now it's desicion time crispinette or tressor crispinette....

Medieval headgear

I have been working on a crispinette for my medieval dress. Along side renovating my utilityroom. Today it was raining so I had time for the crispinette.

I used a golden wire, that I twisted by hand and some golden hollow effect wire. I made the shape over a big spoon with lots of tape and sewing thread as gide lines.

Sorry this image is a bit blured. when ever I had a crossing I used my wire to merge the two.

Then I found a n old wig and made braids. They are woven to the crispinette with the golden wire.

And then I found some pearls in my little pearl drawer, Again I used the golden wire.
Now I only have to decide If it's going to end up as a crispinette or a tressore crispinette.... and finish the other one. nearly there!

medieval dress - details

detail of the neck

detail for sleeve and belt

buttons for inner sleeve