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I have been away for a long time. I had cataract, and had to have it operated. So I will make an up date of what I have been up to Today I will show you some of my embroidery.

First pictures of my goldwork not quite finish, but close. I have mostly embroidered on this at historic markeds here in Denmark.

I was shown how to make Hedebo guldnakke embroidery and here is my practice piece.

I made a copy of a medieval Mitra for an exerbition in Ribe Cathedral. The first picture shows a bit of the picture I had to work from an the same bit as embroidery. Silk and gold on silk.

I found an old bench and made this new cover for it. the Lion and Dragon are my own design. embroided in wool on wool.

a bit of blackwork that is going to become a chess board and my tape measure.

nearly there

IMG_5600 (640x480)
I'm nearly there... one more leaf and four flowers away from the finishing touches!

progress of my goldwork

IMG_5491 (600x800)

I did manege do do some embroidery at my course. Now the flowers are next!

costume course

Next week I will leave my family for a folk costume course. The first of 6 of a weeks duration. During the week I will learn about how to do knickers, chemise, Tamburing and knitting stockings.


Today I rewamped an old lace making thingy (in danish Kniplebræt) Don't know the english word for it. My first re-upholstery piece and I'm quit happy with the result. Will look stunning when set up for Lace making.

IMG_5214 (800x600)

Medieval Marked at Spøttrup Slot


Had a wonderful week at Spøttrup Castles yearly marked. This year they also had EM in Jousting, so there was lots to see. I had my Gold embroidery with me, and managed do get some embroidery done. it seemed that goldworks was unknown for most, so I got lots of questions. This is by the way my new dragon stand embroidery stand.

IMG_5211 (800x600)

And this is my progress so far. Now I have to start deciding on whether or not I could make embroidered  sides on the bag....

goldworks at Hertug Hans

I had a marvoulus weekend at Hertug Hans in Haderslev, But I think I caught a nasty bug, I'm now on my second round of antibiotic for laryngitis. I was to sick to embroider... not like me.

But here are 2 pictures the first, of me working behind Rhododendrons, I had found a place were the wind didn't get to me and when the sun came out, it was heaven! The second shows the progress I made, the thread is 0.5 mm thick, so I'm pleased.Now I have to get well so I came get more done!


ready for gold embroidery

Now I'm ready for Hertug Hans and gold embroidery this weekend.


I have made some progress for the pouch, no gold yet. Just the under layers and not done yet.